Letters To The Editor


Could you kindly send me or re-publish the important phone numbers and information needed when stopped by the police. I have misplaced the paper I cut from your wonderful newspaper.

We have been stopped twice in the last week with the offer of paying a fine on the spot or following the policeman to the station. We called their bluff, (and didn’t pay), but really wished we could have found the info you had previously shared.

Thank you. we really enjoy the Gringo Gazette and read it from cover to cover. We support your advertisers. Thank you for the important service to expats icing in BCS.

Lori Lillo

Marina de La Paz


Thank you for the kind words on our efforts for you. And good for you that you resisted paying the bastards.

You’re wasting your time calling anyone, because It’s a sad fact  of life that nobody at the police  station is going to stop this: The culture of thievery goes all the way to the top.

You did exactly the right thing in resisting them, and I know how difficult that is the first time you try it, but you did it and now you know it works. Editor



Many Americans do not realize that in Mexico is the daily minimum wage is a meager 70 pesos, about $4.80 per day! Keep in mind that in Mexico there is no defined eight hour work day so this 70 pesos many times is the daily wage for a worker putting in a 12 hour work day.

This low daily wage makes the tips that we give  the gas station attendants, the car wash workers, the security guard who is watching your car while you have dinner and the waiters, bartenders and busboys at your favorite bar or restaurant so important. For these hard working people tips from clients is what they rely on to feed and clothe the family, pay the rent, send the kids to school and to save for retirement.

So please fellow Gringos, open your wallet and your heart when it comes to tipping in Mexico. 10 pesos for the security guard, gas station attendant or car wash worker will not be painful for you but will help them tremendously and please tip generously when you stop for a cold cerveza or a nice dinner; 20% or more on what is generally a very fairly priced meal or drink will not hurt your budget too bad but it will positively and immediately help your Mexican neighbors and friends.

Bill Berroth

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