Jaws Of Life Falls Off Speeding Firetruck

firemenjaws.pngWe can understand a volunteer fireman, all non paid amateurs in Los Cabos, forgetting to zip up his pants when he’s rushing to a bad car crash. Maybe even some will relax on buckling their galoshes.

But forget to nail down your jaws of life? Well, it happened. The Forcible Entry Hydraulic Spreader, as it’s officially called, which weighs about 50 lbs and can exert a spreading force of 73,000 lbs, tumbled off the back of a fire truck as it sped down the road. When the guys reached the wreck, the $14,000 gadget was gone and nobody had even seen where it took its leave.

So the firemen contacted the media, offering a reward and explaining the gadget is no good for anything else, so you might as well take the reward and pony up the spreader. A Dominos Pizza worker named Arturo Rubio found it and did just that, so it is now back at the fire house, tightly nailed down on the back of a truck. Is it possible to get fired from a non paying job? Someone is about to find out.