It’s Colecta Time!

You know, those can shakers you see at the traffic lights. They’re collecting for Red Cross

Every year between March 7 and May 7 the Red Cross sends can shakers out all over the country. What, you thought it was just here in northern Baja? Think outside the state.

The people accosting you at stop lights are volunteers, sort of. None of them are paid, but very often university and high school kids need to work the streets as part of their social service that is required in order to graduate from most schools. Shaking the Cruz Roja can for a few days helps you cross that off your list and it’s kind of fun for them because they can do it with their friends.

If you’re so done with fishing those coins out of the sofa and from under the car seats, why not  round them all up and pop them into those street corner jugs?

The Cruz Roja is also happy to take a check for your colecta donation. Make it out to Cruz Roja Mexicana and note “colecta” in the memo space. You may take your check to the Cruz Roja Thrift Store (behind Waldo’s) in town, or take it to the monthly general meeting held on the second Thursday of the month at 10:00 am at the Rosarito Beach Hotel. Or you can even drop it off, (in an envelope please), at Rene’s Mailroom. Lastly, you can mail your donation to Cruz Roja Mexicana, PO Box 433220, San Ysidro, CA 92143-3220. Yes, they will take a check drawn on a U.S. bank. They really aren’t fussy, just desperate to meet their national goal of $19 million in pesos, dollars, or pennies/centavos.

One last thing: Once you’ve given all you have to give, (and maybe a little more), ask the can shakers for a sticker. You put this little bitty sticker on the back of your driver’s side mirror, and when the shakers ambush you again, you just show them your sticker. It’s like a hall pass.