Immigration Officials To Start Inspecting Southbound Visitors

To quote a famous American Statesman, “We don’t gotta show you no stinkin paperwork”.

Mexican immigration officials are taking a closer look at us as we enter the country, preparing to ramp up inspection of us as we arrive on foot. Soon we’re going to be asked to show ID in the form of a passport or passport card.

They say they’re goin gto get serious about this next fall when the new digs for Mexican immigration officials opens at the TJ foot entry.

They promise they will sneak this up on us slowly, and if traffic gets jammed up, they’ll open the flood gates.

Officials claim this shouldn’t be a burden, as we’re going to have to pack those pesky documents anyway, just to get back in the United States, so what’s the big damn deal?

This has been tried before but south bound immigration inspections have met with stiff resistance from businesses and the tourist industry. Particularly poorly received was a requirement that anyone planning to stay in Mexico for more a week would need to pay a fee of about $21.

Immigration officials stepped up document checks last fall at Otay Mesa but that was quickly bagged when Governor Kiki Vega took the immigration officials to the woodshed. But now, immigration is going to try it again, and local officials say they have the full backing of supervisors in Mexico City, so there.

When their whiz bang new building is completed, immigration authorities plan to open two lanes for pedestrians entering Mexico, one for Mexican citizens and the other for everyone else.

“If we don’t have enough agents to review everyone, we’ll review everyone we can,” the P.R. flack for immigration explained in the announcement. What’s up with that? Either this new procedure is important enough to stop everyone, or it doesn’t matter, in which case, why stop and harass anyone? And just what are they looking for, anyway? People entering Mexico with too much money? “I’m sorry, but you can’t bring that much money to spend here, we can’t use it, don’t want it, turn back now and take your stinkin money with you”

They’re also making noises about stopping those in cars coming across the border, but that, according to the public relations guy, “is way, way into the future.” Yeah, because he knows the stink that’s going to send up.