Iconic Building Demolished

The ruins of the old tuna cannery, located at the end of the Cabo marina, is being demolished as we speak. Well, we’re not speaking but you get the drift.

The industry started out with a floating tuna packing plant in 1917 and 10 years later the Marine Products Company was established and the building was constructed of concrete. This industry was the first to come to Cabo, even before you, our precious tourists and ex pats who are now our industry. The cannery stayed in operation until 1980.

The remains of the old canning plant were pretty dilapidated. It was nearly destroyed by a hurricane in the 1940’s and rebuilt in the 1950’s. the old building stood as an empty and unsavory piece of local history, as bad stuff went on behind the crumbling walls in recent years. Cannery Beach, more commonly known as Playa Empacadora to the locals, is right in front of it, and is mostly visited by local families, as the waves are gentle and swimming is easy. This will greatly enhance their beach experience.