Humane Society To The Rescue

Last weekend the local Humane Society was called to a parking lot where two dogs had been locked in a car for more than 24 hours. The police were called first, but they refused to break a window.

When Humane Society president Aida Trujillo arrived, the fire department was finally called, and those men were permitted to slim jim their way into the car because they were able to get in without damaging the vehicle.

One of the dogs died at the scene, and it looks like the other one is going to pull through.

The Humane Society has been working with the new city administration in an effort to get the police to enforce the laws against cruelty to animals that are already on the books and although it can seem to animal lovers the police dragged their feet here, they did act more proactively than they ever have before.

President Trujillo said she was encouraged, and that now is the time for us all to step up pressure on City Hall.

The car and dogs belong to Guillermo Mayo, a local time share hustler, who at the time of this posting could not be reached for comment. ,