In Home Care Is A Good Deal Here

U.S. standards at Mexican prices

In home assistance is a good option for people who don’t want to go off to the old folks home but can’t quite care for themselves anymore. And it’s a thrifty option too, as it’s labor intensive and the cheap cost of labor is where Mexico has a huge edge over the same care in the United States. But is it the same quality of care?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. You have to be smart about choosing someone to assist and watch over your precious loved one. Or if it’s yourself you’re shopping around for, all the more precious the load to carry.

Manos Amorosas, or Loving Hands in English, is a fairly new assisted care company that has roots in the United States, and has taken more extreme pains to get their act ready for prime time than we have ever seen. For two years Leticia Cervantes has been planning the launch of her home care business in Rosarito Beach. It took her that long to get all her permits lined up, (it takes a surprising amount of them), get her sales materials ready, (she passes out an amazing array of pens, calendars, hats, and assorted swag), and most important, find and train good help. Of course that has been the biggest challenge.

Lettie is a Mexican American who worked in the home care industry in San Diego where she learned every aspect of quality care from the ground up. She still spends most of her time in San Diego, with her Gringo husband who works in the Mid East as a contractor for the American armed services.

She has now brought her professional background in home care assistance to us here in Rosarito Beach and Ensenada, including certification of her assistants, (who are both men and women, and all speak English).

“It takes many months to teach someone enough to get their certificate in home care,” she says. “And it takes time to run a background check on them, including any past run ins with the law,” They get training in such things as CPR, and how to physically handle people with limited mobility. Part of their training includes how to watch for signs of trouble. After all, these people come into a client’s home every day or several times a week, and they are on the front line to observe their condition. And they make their report to the loved ones by computer or smartphone or tablet. Most times the adult children of their client are working and living in the United States, and stressed out over their aging parent living in Mexico. Manos Amorosas is very sensitive to that, and know how important it is to keep in touch with the family. Developing that communication program was part of the two years it took to launch the company.

These are not registered nurses. These are people who are skilled at such services as shopping for groceries, supervising meds, preparing meals, bathing, grooming and dressing, light housekeeping, and often most important, they can help with socialization, companionship and some recreation. Surprisingly helpful unless you think about it, is paying the household bills. This is not easy for any of us down here, but a deteriorating elderly person becomes overwhelmed by the strange bills in Spanish. You gotta keep the lights on, and it’s not that easy.

The cost of care with Manos Amorosas is about $10 an hour. Compare that with comparable care just over the border in San Diego at $50 to $60 an hour.

So if you’re looking for a privately owned and operated home care agency offering a smart alternative to private nursing care, check out Manos Amorosas. 664 608 0526. Or in San Diego 619 780 9975.