Here’s Another Local Hike For You

You will get to see how the richy rich live, and get a grand view of the Pacific side, as well as a bee’s eye view of Cabo San Lucas. It’s a huffer/puffer of a hike

This week’s hike went from the East Pedregal entrance, which is inside the Pedergal park across the street from the cultural center in downtown Cabo San Lucas,, to the development’s West entrance, which many people don’t even know about. This hike took me one hour and 11 minutes, due to stopping to take pictures for you, and making notes. The journey was 1.8 miles, but burned very few calories, due to the pace. I did this hike a few days earlier at a faster pace with no stops, taking 42.2 minutes, burning 360 calories.

Make sure you have shoes that can take the ankle rattling cobblestones inside the housing tract on the hill, and a tote for your organic market purchases.

Continue through the arch entrance, past the security gate continuing upward. Don’t worry about the guard, just hurry past him while looking as little like a Mexican as possible. Sad but true, the guards rarely stop anyone but their own.

You will come to a V in the road and you need to stay right. You then will come to an intersection to either continue up a dead end street or take a right, so you go right. After a few more steps go where the tennis courts sign is pointing.

You will notice the higher you hike the larger the homes become. There are plenty of homes and lots for sale and if you have enough dinero you too can live in the Pedregal community. Proceed up the hill on the sidewalk on the left side and when it stops, cross the road to your right and continue up the hill on this sidewalk.

You will come to a rattlesnake sculpture (photo op,) and at those steps continue up the road.

As you continue, you will come upon the Pedregal tennis courts on your right. At $12.00 per hour you too can play on these courts, I have. You might want to take more photos of the homes on the hill. 

Continue up the road to your left and you will want to take another photo of the beautiful Pacific. When finished, look to your right and you will see a sign that says spa and salida (spa and exit). Go right up that road.

Further up on your right, you can take another photo shot of the tennis courts and the Pacific. Anyway, if you fiddle around with your camera you won’t have to admit you’re winded and need to catch your breath.  Continue up and as you get closer to the top you will notice new construction in front of you and you will want to go left starting your decent back down to the West exit out of the Pedregal.

Hiking down there will give you several opportunities for photos.  As you continue down from this point you will notice a sidewalk on your left which is safer to walk on. You will come to where the road takes a sharp left, but before you go left, walk to your right for great views of Cabo, the marina, and the ocean. Good spot for more photos. At night from here, because sound travels up, you can hear every venue of live music that plays in Cabo.

As you hike down you will see a number of Pedregal condominium complexes, a school , and other Cabo homes. Continue downward following the curved road exiting the West gate entrance to Pedregal.

Just past the security gate on your right you will come to the Penny Lane Cafe and on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7am to 1 pm they host an organic market. Enjoy shopping at the organic market and mingle with Pedergal people who frequent it.

You can also enjoy breakfast or lunch at the Penny Lane Cafe. My favorite dish is their French toast with caramelized bananas and vanilla sauce. Yummy!

As you exit the cafe and organic market you can take a right and walk downhill to downtown Cabo and where you began this hike.