Happy Fella Needs A Home


LUDWING, a Staffordshire bull terrier is making the best of his temporary home, but he’s interviewing for a forever home. He’s three years old, still frisky but over that annoying puppy stage. He’s had all his shots and he’s been de-wormed and neutered.

He is deaf, but has adjusted well, respoding to hand signs and thumping on the floor, making him as well behaved as any dog. He is smart and a quick learner.

Ludwing gets along well with other dogs but he’s not the leader type. He does like to play with other dogs, take his exercise, and is gentle and playfull with people and children. Ludwig is not a cat lover.

He is a housetrained but right spends the nights in his crate in the yard. He has high energy and a family that is active will be ideal for Ludwing.

If you can find a place in your home and your heart for Ludwig call 646 196 09 58.


cat.jpgThe Baroness is about two years old, vaccinated and sterilized. She keeps herself squeaky clean which is more than she can say for the dogs she shares quarters with. She is a bit shy at first, and very docile, but with her keepers she’s confident, curious,  and frisky. Info at 646-141-77-09.


pup.jpgFound Doggie. Finders Keepers?

This dog was found in Villa Bonita in Ensenada and he will not  talk about his past, even for treats.
The finders are not in a position to keep him, so anyone who is, please call 646 137 1700.


4 Patas, which means 4 paws, is an animal shelter in Ensenada. They have lots of needs, from animal chow to vet services, cash to keep the lights on, and of course volunteers to keep the love coming. To get involved go to their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/4Patas/