Friends Of The Library Find A New Friend

With money!

Read Today for a Quality Life Tomorrow is the battle cry of Rosarito’s Friends of The Library, who can now count Scotiabank as a major supporter. On June 4, executives and employees of Scotiabank joined the FOL Board of Directors at the Plan Libertador branch of the Rosarito library system.

Many children, decked out in T-shirts proclaiming “Iluminado el Manana” (Bright Future) and accompanied by parents, and even grandparents, gratefully accepted the grand gift for their libraries, as books, collected by a recent book drive sponsored by Scotiabank, were donated to Rosarito’s libraries. The selection of books, all in Spanish, appealed to the interests of people of all ages; from Disney classics for the very young, to  Alice in Wonderland, for middle-school readers, and on to more adult fare such as The Iliad. Oh gawd, who doesn’t remember having to read that awful book? Hopefully it reads easier in Spanish than it did in high school English class.

Kids and family gather at library to take donation of books from Scotiabank
The Plan Libertador site was chosen for the donation ceremony as it is such an important setting to the community, as the remote venue serves the residents in many ways to provide space for storytelling and other reading activities, and even sports. The books donated that day will not be hogged by that library, but will be shared among all five of Rosarito’s libraries.

Friends of the Library plans to conduct another 30 day Rosarito Lee (Rosarito Reads) Challenge this summer. Children will pledge to read as many of the designated books as is humanely possible in those 30 days. Well, we’re going on record here and now that it’s not humanely possible to plow through the Illiad. There will be a prize for the winner from each library.

Friends of the Library is a 502(c)3 non-profit organization. That’s U.S.  tax deductible folks! All funds go to the Rosarito public libraries, as unpaid volunteers work with the schools and libraries to emphasize how important reading is now, and for the children’s’ “Bright Futures.” For more information go to: