Fish Report North

December 14, 2015 Edition

Coronado Islands

Unsettled conditions with off-colored water continue to discourage many anglers from bothering to spend much time fishing the Baja Norte area. Those that have, found limited bottom action for reds, linkcod and a few scattered yellowtail.

fishkiller0221_0.jpgInside the Islands, along the coast from the “Bull Ring” down to Salsipuedes, the halibut bite is beginning to heat up. As well there has been good calico bass action in the kelp beds.

Outside the Islands, there are still schools of porpoise traveling with smaller yellowfin tuna. Best success has been trolling lures to get stopped, then holding the school with live anchovies. Also some kelp paddies strung out along the current breaks have been holding a few dorado.


Up and down weather meant that “Reel Adventure” had to pick their days when the weather laid down. On those nice, calm days they found good yellowtail fishing at Todos Santos Island. A 200-foot pinnacle yielded 11 fish weighing 15 to 25 pounds that couldn’t resist 6X Salas lures.

What couldn’t be avoided was the ever-present sea lion nuisance; by using chunks of fresh-caught bonito as a distraction, and heaving them as far from the stern of the boat as they could, they brought their yellows to gaff.

San Quintin

Weather-driven with some fog and cranky seas kept the boats on the trailers some days. However, on the good days, sea temps remained in the 68- to 70-degree range and the surface and bottom fishing was rewarding . . . yellows on surface iron at Isla San Martin plus reds and lingcods lurking on the bottom.

Conditions were nice enough for some free divers take to the water with good results.

Bahia de Los Angeles

Winds prevailed recently; however when the winds backed off, the home guard yellowtail were found down deep. A few of the fish were in the 25-pound class according to several visitors who were there over Thanksgiving.

The spotted bay bass were always an option if the winds came up along with a good mix of other bottom fish.

Benitos Island

Bob Hoose aboard a private sport fisher visiting the island found unusual conditions. Little kelp, virtually no calico bass and a wide open wahoo bite producing limits — another reminder of the current “El Nino” influence along the West Coast of Baja and the United States.

Gary Graham,