Fish Report North

November 30, 2015 Edition

Coronado Islands

While cold, dirty water persists around the Islands, a handful of miles west. if you can find the porpoise, they may be holding yellowfin tuna; or if you prefer, head east toward the coast and check out Salsipuedes which has been producing both yellowtail and good bottom fishing, catching both reds and lingcod.


Yellowtail action continues as the weather dazzles at Salsipuedes and Isla Todos Santos. “Reel Adventure,” attempting to set a new record, has managed to score on yellowtail for a number of simultaneous weeks in a row now. Other boats fishing south of Ensenada close to shore along the kelp beds have reported good calico bass fishing as well as good bottom fishing.

“Pez Finder” also caught several yellows and one Mako shark that had an estimated weight of 135 pounds by measurement formula. They found the toothy critter eight miles northwest of Todos Santos Island and they caught it eight miles northwest of the island.

San Quintin

After enduring some nasty west winds that kept most of the local boats off the water, fishing picked up right where it had left off after the dreaded wind blew itself out leaving a little early morning fog.

Plenty of mackerel were eager to bite the Sabiki bait rigs; turns out that most of the yellows from 15 to 25 pounds that were being caught are suckers for Salas-type jigs instead of the live bait.

Not to worry — the live bait is working well on food-sized lingcod and even a few halibut.

Offshore, some yachts traveling by found wahoo and yellowfin 10 to15 miles off the beach.

Bahia de Los Angeles

While wind and even a bit of rain did slow the action recently, the improved weather changed all of that. A few boats fishing found some large spotted bay bass fishing in 300 feet of water. Then, fishing even deeper, they found some mossback yellowtail in the 30- to 40-pound class.

Cedros Island

Thanks to El Nino, the extended season is still producing some extraordinary action for the few who are making the trip. Good yellowtail catches bolster the seemingly terrific calico bass fishing that is always found around the prolific kelp beds surrounding the island.