Fish Report North

October 5, 2015

Coronado Islands

The Rockpile has small yellowtail, bonito and … wahoo if you are really lucky. A fifty-pounder was caught recently while trolling a wahoo lure in the area of the Rockpile aboard the Premier out of H&M Landing. North Island has some yellows along the weather side, but at last word the Middle Grounds and South Kelp were on the slow side.

A few boats fishing the Banks farther off the Islands are having success with striped marlin and even a few blue marlin, as well as yellowfin tuna and dorado, in the open water or under the kelp paddies.


Over 700 participants fished in the Pesca La Baja sportfishing tournaments that were held in five locations in Baja Norte, concluding with the Grand Finale in Ensenada.

A black marlin weighing 318 pounds — the largest ever caught in these tournaments — was taken during the final international championship along with two wahoo weighing 39 and 33 pounds, respectively.

The sportfisher, “Tin Man,” found only a few yellowfin tuna up to 25 pounds offshore for Lee Madding and Captain Alejandro (‘jando). After spending the morning searching the mother-lode, they gave up and headed back to Marina Coral. A few miles outside of Todos Santos and Punta Banda, they put out a couple of Mexican-flag-colored lures. Suddenly the clicker on one outfit howled as the line disappeared from the reel. When they returned to the Marina, their unusual catch was a wahoo that weighed in at 75 pounds.

San Quintin

Locals and visitors are astonished at the variety these days. Wahoo, marlin and yellowfin tuna cavort a short distance offshore. While to the Island and inshore, yellowtail, white seabass and plenty of bottom fish are filling the coolers.

Cedros Island

Famous for big mossback yellowtail, this year El Niño has added sailfish, wahoo and dorado to the delight of the plane-loads of anglers arriving each week.