Fish Report North

March 21, 2016 Edition

We were saddened to hear that Anita Grosso, born in El Rosario on October 16th, 1907, passed away on March 12, 2016.

Known as Mama Espinoza, her restaurant of the same name in the center of El Rosario, was famous for its lobster burritos and has been a “must stop” for Baja travelers since she opened the doors in 1930.

A remarkable woman, Mama Espinoza touched many lives over her lifetime. Currently, the restaurant is managed by her daughter, Elva Espinoza Grosso (Rolly), who also runs the family museum inside the restaurant.

“Vaya con Dios” to our friend Mama Espinosa, a charming lady, founder of the Flying Samaritans, who lived a full life, spanning over ten decades; she will be missed by many.

2016-03-21-(8).jpgCoronado Islands

The Lower Nine, north of North Island and the Finger Bank have been producing good rock fishing with an occasional yellowtail mixed in. The Finger Bank has a high volume of rockfish; stop just about anywhere and find your limit. Yellowtail are also off the Finger Bank but few boats are going to the area.

Yellows are spread from the Rockpile down the Finger Bank but the bite is slow. Some are seeing 100-yard long schools on the sonar but are hooking only one or two, if any. The fish are showing at roughly 20- to 25-fathoms down in the water column under mixed anchovy and red crab — tonnage of birds give away the location(s).


Lots of birds working around the San Miguel Reef but almost all on red crab. There are also cabrilla and calicos according to local sportfishing charters.

The rock fishing is good on the edges of the high spot with whitefish, lingcod, and sheepshead mixed in — also a couple white seabass t bit plastic and live mackerel. With the water temp being 64 degrees it’s only a matter of time before yellowtail move in. Punta Banda had good calico fishing for 2- to 3-pound fish with a handful of sand bass all chewing artificials as well. Surface iron and 53  – 73  plastic were both good producers.


Next weekend’s trips will likely spend some time looking for bluefin tuna as there was a 49.7-pound bluefin caught on the Pacific Queen while drifting for yellowtail. Just a couple guys were rigged and ready for bluefin when they came through.

The yellowtail action was great! A number of boats topped the 100-fish mark. The yellows are nice-quality fish, with most around 18 to 20 pounds with a number up in the high 20s to high 30s.

Be sure to bring the heavy yoyo gear — 40- to 60-pound test. Heavy yoyo iron like the Tady 4/0, Salas 6X and 7X and the Bait Wraps Kraken XXL will be needed to reach the bottom as the wind will be up a bit and the current on this spot is often very strong.

San Quintin

Weather has been a factor recently. On the few calm days, several boats scurried out and were rewarded with a few quality white seabass. Still good bottom fishing for the few fishing.

Bahía de los Ángeles

Spotted bay bass dominating the catch as the few boats heading are staying close to shore in case the North Wind cranks up.