Fish Report North

February 8th, 2016 Edition

Coronado Islands

While seasonal winter storms buffer the inner coastal waters, the islands have been recovering remarkably well in-between. When the weather settles down, the best bet for yellowtail is to begin in the areas below but be ready to search around for clean water and good conditions.

fish0225.jpgThe most volume has been found at South Island, from the northern end, around and down the lee side to about the Ribbon Kelp. These yellows are on average about 5 or 6 pounds with a few pushing the 10pound mark.

Some larger 12 to 18 pound fish are showing in the afternoons along the weather side of North Island.

The Yoyo iron and the Dropper loop sardine mackerel are both working. Along with the yellowtail there are still some quality bonito in the 4- to 7-pound class roaming around and there is even a shot at barracuda in the Ribbon Kelp area.



The few boats out recently are not finding much to look at on the surface in the less than ideal weather conditions. Those using their electronic gear around the San Miguel are finding the best results are in 200 to 250 feet of water at the San Miguel Reef. The yoyo technique is yielding some larger yellowtail from 18 to 25 pounds. Also, there are enough lingcod and rockfish to round out limits if needed.



Weather is the key here for the 1-1/2 day boats from San Diego along with a few local boats out of Ensenada. Between storms, the bite is all about meter marks and yo-yo iron around the high spot, with most of the yellows in that real nice 15 to 25 pound grade. If the weather kicks up it is taking several days for the bite to resume.


San Quintin

In spite of the weather the locals are continuing to enjoy summer fishing in winter weather. Near limits of yellowtail, plus a few halibut and a mixed bag of bottom fish has been the story for those willing to drive down from California for a few days fishing.


Bahía de los Ángeles

White seabass to 25 pounds and yellowtail to 20 pounds have been the big news lately on several of the high spots and around the Island. Also the spotted bay bass closer inshore along the beaches have been another action when the North Winds ramp up.


Cedros Island

After enjoying an El Nino extended late season, sea temps have dropped somewhat and recent visits for transiting sportfishers have found more normal winter-like conditions.