Fish Report North


Coronado Islands

Clean warm water loaded with yellowtail is pushing up from the South. The Rockpile was the first to see this change and now the South Kelp Ridge and the South Kelp are in better water and have yellows again. Current is running uphill so the spots in the lee of South Island, like the Ribbon Kelp, should already be in good shape or they will be very soon. The Middle Grounds will follow shortly. Recent storm seems to have turned conditions upside down but should recover quickly as the ocean settles down.

Michael Ciarametero of San Diego caught this nice white seabass with Garcia’s pangas at San Quintin. Pretty junked up boat you got there, Mike, we’d hate to see the bottom of your car. How do you find the fish you caught earlier in the day or last week? By the smell? Yeah, that would work. Ensenada

Got a call this morning and the word was the same — nothing has changed and the fishing is excellent.

The local yellowtail and barracuda fishing is excellent and steady. The fish are pretty much everywhere from Salsipuedes to Todos Santos Island to Punta Banda. A great way to locate the fish is to troll an X-Rap or Rapala and be ready with a surface iron once you get a hook up.

Bluefin are running around inside the bay. Remember though, bluefin are not legal in Mexican waters. If you catch one, you have to release it back alive!

San Quintin

While yellowfin frolic offshore, most boats can’t resist the extraordinary white seabass bite that’s happening right now. In addition the yellowtail bite remains strong for the anglers seeking them, as well as the usual suspects that are found in deeper water, including lingcod and rock cod.

Bahia Los Angeles

Dorado numbers continue to climb as the yellowtail and white seabass catches remain strong.

Cedros Island

Cranky weather resulting from Dolores failed to slow the calico bass bite. We made the run to Punta Norte Saturday and Sunday. The weather was rough on the way, but the fishing was off the charts and calm once we got there. 100 fish days per person was the norm and the kelp is making a huge comeback so if you are into the calico fishing, the kelp is there to fish.

Gary Graham,  ,