Fish Report

Coronado Islands. Many are calling the yellowtail fishing as good as it gets. The YT have lit up on the Ribbon Kelp to the south plus on the SKR and Rockpile, as well as to the weather side of North Island and in the middle grounds.

Taylor Barnes and Dulce Vong with a 34-pound yellowtail.The fish are up to 18-pounds and are biting sardine and mackerel along with surface iron and yoyo jigs. If planning to troll, use Magnum Rapalas or X-Rap lures.

Another bonus, the yellowfin are just north of North Island at the lower edge of the 9-Mile Bank. Be sure that all passengers are carrying Mexican fishing licenses and passports.

Ensenada. Mirroring the Island action at the border, yellowtail action at Todos Santos has been going off, attracting a substantial fleet. Sometimes as many as 20 boats are fishing in the same vicinity. As the weather has warmed up for July, Gamefisher has scored the highest catch recently with 38 yellows weighing up to 20-pounds. Their secret weapon was a Tady 45 scrambled-eggs colored lure.

In addition, the yellowfin tuna action is gaining momentum offshore at the 238 Bank. Also, there are some dorado beginning to show up in the kelp paddies. As sea temps climb toward the 70??? degree mark, it’s safe to say it’s summertime.

San Quintin. Summer here is off to a great start with yellowfin tuna just offshore and with yellowtail and tanker white seabass inshore along with calico bass and halibut; these point to an awesome summer for locals and visitors alike.

Bahia Los Angeles. Adding to the already blistering yellowtail, grouper and white seabass action is another colorful twist; along with the landing of the season’s first dorado … not very large, but it’s a start.

Cedros Island. After kicking off the season in June, some big yellowtail have been creating some lifetime memories for the parade of anglers who are now arriving at the Island, including Taylor Barnes and Candy Vong with a 34-pound yellowtail

Gary Graham,