Fish Report

June 13, 2016 Edition

Coronado Islands

Word is, the water at the Islands has rolled over and is now green and chilly.

Yellowtail fishing is slow. You still might be able to get one at the Ribbon Kelp or farther down at the Rockpile though.

The San Diego reports they are giving up on the Islands, at least for a few days, to fish outside the Islands for bluefin tuna and kelp paddy yellowtail.


Ensenada had fairly calm seas. Bottom fishing continued to go off with high counts of rock cod, lingcod, salmon grouper, red snapper, a few sculpin and sheepshead.

Yellowtail were sparse until recently when several local fleet boats (pangas) scored on small-to-medium-sized yellowtail up to 18 pounds.

The bait barge just got a fresh load of medium-sized sardines. The price? Just $20 dollars per scoop.


Some pretty decent fishing for 15- to 25-pound yellowtail!

The Colonet High Spot in 28 Fathoms is the location. The boats are finding the fish on sonar, then drifting over them while dropping down yoyo iron. The 6X full-size is hot, with scrambled egg, blue/white and the Bait Wraps sardine being productive colors. Some of the schools are coming to the surface, biting sardines and mackerel, either fly-lined or with a small sliding sinker.

San Quintin

Few reports recently — red crab are thick a few miles offshore and several white seabass were caught in the 20 to 30 pound class. Other options remain the lingcod and other rockfish.

San Felipe

The recent hot spell with temps up to 110 degrees sent folks scrambling to the beach. At least one had a fishing rod and was landing corvina very close to shore.

Bahía de los Ángeles

Yellowtail continue to be the favored target for most visitors. Most of the action is centered on the surrounding islands. Anglers are also scoring limits of bottom fish.

Cedros Island

White seabass bit well and the yellowtail fishing is picking up along the South end of the Island. Red crab are still around but lots of bait has also moved in. Calico fishing is good-to-great in 5-feet to 30-feet of water. Fish are getting ready to spawn and are eating aggressively, taking plastics, hard jerk baits like the Daiwa SP minnow and Rapala Xrap.

Barracuda and bonito schools are roaming the Island as well along the front side near the Marina. And a side note: the shipping boat which travels from Tortuga to the Island bringing supplies has spotted several marlin over the past few weeks in the channel between Isla Natividad and Isla Cedros. Water temp is mid- to upper-60s all around the Island and water is blue.

Gary Graham,