Fish Report

Coronado Islands

After the grumpy weather a few yellowtail are filtering back into the zone. Several areas holding good numbers of the smaller 5 to 15 pound grade yellows off and on recently:

The first is along the lee of the north end of South Island from the Ribbon Kelp to about halfway down the Island in 60 to 90 feet of water. The second is along the east side of the South Kelp Ridge in 80 to 90 feet of water. As with typical yellowtail fishing, look for signs of bird life and baitfish; red crabs have been a good sign of yellowtail activity this winter as well. Because these fish have been in slightly shallower water, they have been more willing to respond to chum and come up to the surface to eat fly-lined baits and surface iron.


Up and down weather recently discouraged many anglers from heading out. Wes Price aboard his Reel Adventure couldn’t resist heading out of Marina Coral at the first sign of calming seas. By the time the scales settled late afternoon, the crew, including his grandson Shane Lancer, had scored a remarkable catch of 12 yellowtail. Not bad for the dead of winter!

San Quintin

Recent Santa Ana conditions faded leaving a grab bag of conditions for the few boats fishing. Some reported first flat seas, followed a few hours later by rain squalls. Not to be deterred, anglers still managed to land a few reds and lingcod, nothing huge but enough to fill the gunny sacks. When the cranky weather chased them back into the bay they thought they were done for the day.

I guess they were and the yellows didn’t get the memo. As they sped toward the launch ramp a huge school of yellowtail chased some mackerel to the surface. Skidding to a stop they hooked and landed a handful of bruisers before the feeding melee quieted.