Everybody's Doing The LocoMotion


The Pueblo of Todos Santos has many tourist attractions: cultural, artistic, culinary, and of course, the weather. The town location is in between Cabo San Lucas and LaPaz. About 50 miles between each way. It is most of the time embraced with fresh Pacific breezes.

Now there is a new and eco-friendly bus tour available with a14-seat bicycle bus that propels passengers with pedal power. It travels some of the best, and sometimes a little off-beat and lesser location attractions of the Magical Pueblo Todos Santos.


This activity, called LocoMotion, features a 14-seat bus whereas the passengers are pedalling like bicycles for the power. Because of the hilly terrain in Todos Santos, there is a hybrid feature. It sometimes augments use for going up the hills. The units were built in the United States, in Minneapolis specifically. To be clear, these units, and there are two of them, are the result of a rocket scientist, or at least he worked in the Aeronautical Industry. He was an engineer and his experience resulted in the design of the busses. Just walking up to one of the units and you are very aware that the engineering and fit and finish are superb.

The units are built and designed with some of the following features. They use two crew members, a captain and a tour guide. A built-in misting system to keep things cooled off. There is a pulsating light system underneath for if it gets dark. There is a state of the art sound system for excellent music selection. The seats and backs are adjustable for comfort. A built-in ice chest for cold drinks. And finally the optional electric assisted motor.

As you travel through to the tour, you will drive right to several pre-destination locations. They include The Hotel California, The Cathedral Nuestra de Señora del Pilar, the exquisite and unique Guaycura Hotel, The Historial Cultural Center, and La Paloma local ice cream parlor to finish off the tour.

The tours are available daily except for Monday. The reserved times are between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and then 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

To find out more about the tour and the bus, please contact www.locomotionbaja.com.

You will enjoy the trip.