East Cape Boys Win Competition

Who says small town kids can’t compete?

It started about three years ago with four students that had an idea and a goal. These young men, Angel Martinez, from Los Barriles, Andres Lucero  from Boco del Alamo, Jesus Castro Garcia – from Los Barriles, and Osvaldo Locero Robles – from El Cardonal, started their quest to make an electric powered outboard motor.  The boys, all school mates in Los Barriles, wanted to come up with an environmentally friendly motor to replace the costly gas and fuel leaking motors that hang off all the fishing boats in our area.  With the help and encouragement of their teacher, Juan Ortega Cordero, the boys would spend afternoons at one another’s homes trying to solve the problem.  Through a school science program, they were given a motor kit which they turned into a remote controlled motor which they hung on a panga for test runs.  And it worked!  They then moved to a full size 10 hp outboard motor, removing the gasoline engine and replacing it with an electric motor and 12 volt battery. It runs the same transmission and propeller, developing 3 hp.  The HP is still low (a work in progress), but the engine produces enough torque that can push the propeller.  You may be thinking there are electric motors on the market now, but those are only trolling motors.  The boys intension is to develop a full power outboard motor that can push the typical panga boat at a decent speed.

With their theory working, it was off to the first of several science and technology expos with their design.  In 2015 they took 1st place at Expo Ciencias Sud California, which earned them a spot in the science and technology expo Esiamlat Milset in Mazatlán this upcoming May 2016.  The next competition they competed in was Expo Ciencias 2015 in Tampico, Mexico.  This competition gave them another 1st place win which meant a coveted spot in the International Technology Expo in Peru to be held next November.  The Peru Technology Expo allows for three of the team members to attend, and as it turns out, one of the boys did not want to go – so no hard feelings there! It is a great honor to our Baja Sur community, the school system, and the tenacity of these four young men to work so hard for so long to design and create this electric motor outboard.  The boys graduate in July, and Angel, Andres and Jesus will attend University in La Paz in August.  The boys will be majoring in computer sciences and engineering.

But getting to Peru costs money, and that is money they don’t have.  The Expo in Mazatlán is mostly paid for by the school and private funding, but for Peru, the boys are on their own. A go fund me page has been set up under Team Angel Martinez, (go to gofundme.com/j6vynnvx to donate).   There is also an account set up at Pay Dennis (Bill Payments Services office in Los Barriles), called the Team Angel Martinez fund, where you can make donations to get our own brilliant team of young men to the Peru Technology Expo and to continue to represent the Baja Sur community.

It will cost about $3000 USD per student to get them to Peru. And back.  The funds will buy the plane tickets for the three boys, hotel accommodations, transportation, visa fees and meals.  This is an opportunity of a lifetime for these young men and if they can bring this ecologically safe motor to use in all the environmentally sensitive areas of the world it is even more significant.  Maybe in a few short years, we can all replace our gasoline motors with electric outboard motors because of the support we gave their project.

To help, go to the gofundme.com/j6vynnvx page and show the world what the youth of the out back of Mexico’ can do.