Coca Cola Truck Drivers On Strike

By the time you read this it will be too late to stock up, so you will need to find an alternative. We have some options

Mexicans love to strike about pretty much anything, sometimes it’s for good reason, sometimes it’s not, but nevertheless striking is  right behind soccer as the national past time.

Last week, Arca Continental workers who are in charge of distributing the Coca Cola company’s products to retail outlets downed tools, as they say in the strike business. They downed keys and wouldn’t drive the trucks.  They are striking against Arca reducing their commissions.

About 90 workers drive the big red trucks around Cabo San Lucas and San Jose, with their base located in the barrio of Los Cangrejos, on the road to Todos Santos. You can see their truck yard from the road.

 The strikers say the company has reduced their earnings to about half what it was, while keeping their shifts at 10 to 15 hours a day. Last year the company tried to do the same thing, but the workers went on a brief strike and the company backed down. However, this year, their union approved the new pay structure against their wishes.

This is common in Mexico. Many industries, like restaurants, must be unionized, but the unions are famous for selling them out. (The unions take pay offs from the company, do we have to draw you a picture?)

The workers are now looking to switch to CROC, which is a bigger labor union, but also known as bigger crooks. But maybe CROC can help in the here and now, and can be dumped as soon as they start their predictable bad stuff.

Currently there are 30 drivers and 60 support workers toiling at the distribution center. “We are not stepping back, even if they call the police on us, these trucks are not moving,” they say.

So Cabo and San Jose residents have choices here: start drinking more water, or there’s some fabulous lime, hibiscus and horchata options. Maybe start drinking Pepsi, or crack open a coconut on the highway. How about maybe taking up tea?

But Coca-Cola is like crack for some people, and  can’t be replaced, so let’s all hope this comes to an agreement soon.