City Gets A Grip

The Los Cabos city government has agreed to make public any complaints against government officials filed by the people, whether they concern human rights, justice, administration, police, or media.

That’s a very big step for our government.

Arturo de la Rosa y esposa b.jpgThe new administration wants to show they’re serious about transparency and honesty and will turn over a report on those complaints every 90 days to the Los Cabos Coordinating Council, an umbrella group of the most powerful and influential merchant class in Los Cabos. Members include timeshare, hotel, and restaurant officials, as well as chamber of commerce members comprised of various small business owners and operators.

Maria Camacho, who womans the city comptrollers’ office, announced the administration will also make public every bid that goes out for purchases and public works.

Further, she promises we can count on this new procedure continuing for the entire three years that Mayor Arturo de la Rosa will hold office.  Ms. Camacho also added that any government official that is found in violation of the law will be suspended without pay until the investigation of the complaint is over.

De la Rosa came onboard last December, following, even by Baja standards, the worst, most corrupt mayor we have had to endure. Tony Agundez lined his own pockets to the tune of millions of dollars, leaving the city bankrupt.  

If the city offices are truly going to be this transparent as they promise,  it marks a huge shift in our fortunes that will change our city profoundly, because if spent wisely, we would have enough money to make a big difference in our quality of life. We could have such things as streets resurfaced, dirt streets paved, basic barrio services such as sewers, clean water, and electricity, and garbage picked up regularly. We should even have enough money to fix the police department, as it takes money to buy out the corrupt police, and to pay well enough to get honest men and women.

Vastly improved public safety and public works may be coming our way. Everyone who voted for Arturo de la Rosa should feel proud.