Calvary Chapel Welcomes 1200 Members

For ten years I stood empty, feeling hopeless and abandoned. I longed for the clamor, the constant thump, thump, thump of machinery manufacturing the beautiful furniture I was known to produce. Times had gotten hard, people stopped buying the pretty pieces that were lovingly created by the workers who toiled here six days a week. You see I was a factory in Rosarito. A furniture factory. Now deserted and lying empty as an eyesore to the community. 

I felt hollow and sad until a young pastor brought his family here on a mission and was directed by the Lord to help develop a bilingual church. Pastor Mike Vincent was ordained in the United States and always knew his heart would be happy in Rosarito. He remembered when he walked into my empty space, that Jesus was once a carpenter and just like Jesus, my humble beginnings would become a vibrant, welcoming haven, teaming with families, young and old. And children, oh yes, there would be children. They would overflow with happiness, a sense of purpose, and a longing for the Word of God.

Things didn’t happen overnight. It took a while. Little by little, one new person at a time started attending the services offered. First small families, then larger ones. They invited their friends and neighbors to come listen to the Word, to partake in the ministries offered by this new outreaching church, and to be saved by the Grace of God.

We grew, we overflowed to the point that we now offer services at 6:30 on Saturday evening and Sundays at 9:00 and again at 11:00 a.m. Today, more than 1200 people worship in the haven envisioned by Pastor Mike 12 years ago. A Bible college is now ongoing, as well as weekly men’s and women’s Bible studies group. Biblical counseling is offered to those hurting, lost or just in need of prayer. Calvary Chapel Rosarito has the only Celebrate Recovery Program in the area. All at no cost and presented by qualified counselors.

I’ve come a long way since those early days, I’m no longer an eyesore, I’m a beacon of light swelling with blessed delight as music pours from the worship team. Joyful members sing out praises to the Lord in both English and Spanish. I’m not an elaborate church. There are no stained glass windows, no gold guilt alters, no statues of Jesus or Mary, not even a velvet lined confessional smelling like old incense; but I am a sacred church blessed by the Lord and cherished by many. I am filled with love and people and music and joy, and invite you to come visit me.

I was saved. Will you be?

Mike Vincent, Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Rosarito attended Hope International University in Fullerton CA.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and has teaching credentials with a Master’s degree in Special Education. He lives with his wife Sarah, daughter Grace, and son Daniel in Rosarito.

For more information you can go to their website at or call the church at: 661 612 7915. ,