A Caitlyn Jenner Fish!

Giant grouper Comondu Jul 2015.jpgThis Pacific grouper was caught last week by local fishermen in the prolific waters of the Gulf of Ulloa, in the shallow sea off the west coast of the Baja  peninsula.

The beast weighed 880 lbs and made the entire little community fat and happy.

The Pacific goliath grouper is a large saltwater fish of the grouper family, found primarily in shallow tropical waters among coral and artificial reefs at depths of up to 165 feet. Their range includes the area from the Gulf of California to Peru. They may reach extremely large sizes, growing to lengths of eight feet and can weigh as much as 800 pounds. Well, this one seems to have broken that record.

Goliath groupers are believed to be protogynous hermaphrodites. That’s a polite way of saying they pull a Caitlyn Jenner, changing genders. Only these start out as women fish, with only some of the larger adult lady fishes switching sides to becoming gentlemen fishes.  Who knew? And more to the point, why do they do that? And enquiring minds want to know if they, like morph into, ahem, a complete male fish.