Cabo Kennels Pampers


Dog kennel owners Luis and Monica Pacheco are celebrating the twelfth anniversary of  what they say was the first pet hotel and spa in all of San Jose. Since then, Cabo Kennels has been a home away from home for nearly 1500 canine and feline guests.

dog at spa.jpgLuis says the idea to open an American style boarding kennel came to them when they themselves were travelling and were unable to find suitable lodging for their own pets, or as Luis explains, “there was no place good enough for our kids.”

With 19 individual hotel rooms, the kennel can accommodate up to 36 dogs at single occupancy.  Many though, come with their siblings and larger suites are available for a family stay.

Cats are also welcome, and have their own area with 12 individual cages.

The boarding areas are on either side of a grass play area, watch your step.

 The kennels themselves are nestled under solid roofing, (no palapas here), are easily accessible, light and clean.  Muzack plays all day and whirling fans whirl during warm weather.  When the real heat comes, the grassy area is covered with umbrellas and there are small plastic kiddie pools for cooling down and play time.

As advertised, the kennel is very much like what many of us are used to in the U.S. and Canada.  Boarding is available by the day, week, or month or longer. Day care is available Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm and costs about $10 a day.

Overnight boarding is about $15 a day but better rates are available for longer stays and multiple dog or family rates are also available. A shampoo before pick up is included. 

Daily rates for the feline persuasion are $10 per day. Grooming services are also available for them on site for about $10.

An additional service that is not typically seen is the option to have your pet picked up at your house in San Jose or Cabo in a fully equipped pet friendly van. Kind of like a school bus, but don’t leave them out on the corner for pickup and the bus isn’t yellow and it doesn’t actually go to a school. Other than that, it is remarkably like a school bus. This service runs between $14 and $26, depending on how far out in the boon docks your pet lives.

Luis and Monica have two human helpers, Carmen and Victor, and one canine assistant, Frisco, a golden retriever, who takes his job, (and his tennis balls), very seriously. He’s a great host, making all the new guests feel right at home, especially the cats. Ja ja. (That’s Frisco’s attempt at humor. He actually isn’t allowed around the cats, since That Day. )

You can reach Cabo Kennels at 624-146-2185 or you can visit them online at ,