Buying In Cabo But Keeping Mobile

Use it to buy your way into an exchange club

When buying an expensive second home in Cabo, you have to give a lot of though to just how much time you want to spend here. With a high end investment you have to commit to spending a large part of your leisure time here. But now there is a solution to this concern. There is a company called Third Home that opens up your horizons and makes your full ownership home here a gateway to the world.

Third Home has no inventory of homes, but they arrange for owners of high end homes in one vacation spot to use an equally wonderful home in another spectacular vacation spot.

This has nothing to do with timeshare or even the euphemism for timeshare, fractional. You must own your home here to use a home in Hawaii or Sri Lanka, or hundreds of other exotic locations. Luxury homes are located in over 1,700 cities, the average home value is $2.3 million, with some homes valued at up to $30 million and they are affiliated with more than 80 of the world’s leading luxury resorts. All homes are pre-screened, so you get no unpleasant surprises.

To be accepted into the club, your property must be in a desirable location with quality furnishings, appointments and amenities. You request a membership, your home is inspected, and If you are accepted, you will be awarded travel credits, called Keys. You get a Key for each week deposited based on the value of your home. The more desirable the weeks and home, the more Keys you earn.

In addition to top notch exchanges and travel club options, Third Home offers white-glove concierge services. They will make your Third Home vacation even more memorable by tapping into their local expertise, allowing them to handle all the details of your stay, big or small. This includes private transportation and possibly pre and post hotel accommodations, in-home private chef dinners and wine tastings, and daylong guided excursions with tour companies.

So maybe re-think your hesitation to put down roots in Cabo, knowing you can use it to travel the world in the style you have earned here. Third Home has a pretty good website at

KT Morgan owns Cabos Finest and specializes in high end homes that can qualify for this program. He  knows how to get you qualified. He can be reached at 624-157-1829.