Bella de Ball is Looking For Love

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BellaCuatro.jpgBella de Ball is a tender and beautiful German shepherd, very sleek, and only about a year old.  She’s a very loving dog, but a little shy around strangers. She’s a little elusive at first, but as her confidence grows, she gets more gregarious. This loving dog weighs about 50 lbs, loves to play with toys, especially balls, and is fond of long walks on the beach. At her age she is very active, and plays well with other dogs. Best to keep her out of a cat house, however, as she’s not so good with those.

Bella is housebroken and likes studying her commands like sit and come, because she is eager to please.

Like most of us, she likes to be the center of attention and soaks up all the kisses and attention she can snag.

logo_0.jpgFor a good time with Bella call Daniela at Cell 646 196 0958.

4 Patas, which means 4 paws, is an animal shelter in Ensenada. They have lots of needs, from animal chow to vet services, cash to keep the lights on, and of course volunteers to keep the love coming.

To get involved go to their Facebook page at