Battle Of The Markets

We have lots of choices, each with their own personality

We have lots of choices in what is kind of incorrectly called farmers or organic markets. They are markets that only pop up one day a week, they sell local produce, yes, but they mainly sell home made goods of every description.

At least one of them is honest about this, calling themselves a pop up market. It pops up every Friday morning at the Palmilla Dunes parking lot. Palmilla Dunes is a residential development on the up side of the fourlane, across the street from the Palmilla strip center. Get off at the Palmilla exit and turn away from the ocean. On your right will be the Friday market at the strip center parking lot, but on your left, after you go through a magical entrance that feels like you’re slugging your way through a jungle, will be a pop up market that just started. Patty Soto, who started the strip center market, has moved across the street to the Dunes and is now building that one from scratch.

The Dunes pop up has locally grown produce, yes, but it also has such goodies as sandals made in the south of Mexico. No, not the sandals made from old tires, this is Palmilla and everything is very upscale. There is also a scarf vendor with very exotic and creative scarves. There’s always a little bit of jewelry at any kind of market, but not so much here, the Dunes has merchandise that’s often a challenge to find.

Most people hit both markets on Friday mornings, as they have very different merchandise from each other. A good way to do this is start at the Dunes, the smaller more exotic market, and finish at the strip center, where you can eat lunch at the California Ranch Market, a grocery store/deli that only carries American favorites that are hard to find down here.

If you still want more market, Saturday has two offerings, one small one at the foot of the Pedregal, at the back entrance, across from the school. It is small, but has an outside supply of real farmers’ produce, and it’s handy for Cabo people. There is an outdoor restaurant right there, which is very peaceful.

The San Jose market is the granddaddy of them all, but parking is a challenge, and don’t wash your car before going, as it’s on a dirt road. No, it’s not as civilized as the first three, but it is big and diversified. It also has eating options with some food booths. It’s a bit tough to find the first time, best to look at their map at