Baja Blues Fest Another Big Success

blues.jpgJackie Alameda, spokeschick for the hard working volunteers of the Baja Blues Fest said they are very happy with the way the festival went this year and said the feedback they heard was all positive.

“We think it is the best one yet,” was the way she put it. They did ferret out a few snags, just little bugs, but their biggest problem is trying to figure out what to do to top this one, especially with entertainers. But she is confident they will figure it out.

They have about twice the money to give away this year over last year, although they took in only about half the sponsor donations. Most of the sponsors this year were in kind, although Bobby’s by the Sea paid for all of the T shirts, which saved a couple thousand dollars.

Here we go by the numbers:

Attendance for all 3 days was 3100 with Saturday being the big day.

Friday - 575

Saturday - 2075

Sunday 450

Of the Saturday attendees - 6% filled out a survey

43% - First time BBF event

82% came from the U.S.

64% are over the age of 60

41% are retired

38% stayed in a hotel

30% rented a house or condo

42% have an income $50K to $75K

17% earn $75k to $100K

26% said their income was none of anybody’s bees wax

Total gross taken in for the event - $37,000

Total Expenses - $21.500

They retain about $5,000 to prepare next year’s event

Leaving about $10,000 to give to the charities this year. This is the most from this one event that has ever been earned. ,