Ask A Mexican

This week we asked: What do you think the government could do to keep increasing tourism? Do you think Mexico needs more tourists?

Mexico is now ranked as the 8th most popular tourist destination in the world, with 35 million tourists visiting last year.

askamexie2306.JPGHernan Torres, 29, cashier

Support infrastructure and the people who work in tourism because they are the ones who are in direct contact with people. And at the end of the day, a happy worker gives better overall service. Also, I think the government should start an initiative to raise the Mexican tourist numbers, so Mexicans travel around Mexico. I do think Mexico needs more tourists, but we should strive to make tourism more about culture and less about pretty beaches.

Raul Zepeda, 19, student

Mexico should invest in local tourism more than foreigner, because now everything is aimed at foreigners. Ads are in English and more commercials are televised internationally rather than in our own country. Locals go to small towns, but the big vacation spots are more for English speaking tourists. Plus, the authorities there prioritize foreigners over locals. There are so many hidden spots in Mexico that we don’t know about, but foreigners do, and our own people don’t take advantage of them.

Angela Loperse, 24, tattoo artist

Security, and only security. The international news always shows how many people have been killed and tourists are being scared away from certain states that have amazing tourist potential.

Fernando Arellano, 32, artist

I think the government could invest in the infrastructure like roads, traffic lights, city cleanliness, etc. So that more cities become tourist attractions.

Iveth Salas, 27, administrator

I think the secret is to make the country safer and help small cities have better quality life without overbuilding or changing their small-town charm. Mexico has a million of hidden spots where tourists could spend a lot of money, but these towns are not well known or are not promoted like Cabo, Puerto Vallarta and those main cities. Of course, our country needs more tourism, it means money, but it should be better distributed than it is right now.

Josue Reina, 19, unemployed

I don’t think Mexico needs more tourists, because not all of them are respectful of our land and culture. Most of the tourism in peak seasons, like spring break, is just kids who get stupidly drunk and act as if they were better than Mexicans, treating those in service poorly. I used to work in a hotel in Puerto Vallarta, and after a lady was too drunk and yelled at me for not giving her more alcohol because the bar was closed, my manager yelled at me too. It’s not worth it, they don’t even tip well.