Ask a Mexican

Did you know there’s an international day of Tequila? Do you like tequila? How do you drink it? What do you think about foreigners who drink tequila?

Ana Herrera, 23, secretary.

There’s days for everything now, I guess. I like tequila very much, but only the softer kind, white mostly. I drink it with soda water and squirt a dash of lime and salt, like a paloma, but I don’t drink too many because it's powerful. I think foreigners who drink it are very brave and I am glad they do; we have a big market thanks to exportation. What I don’t like is people who drink too much as an excuse just to get drunk and try to drink like Mexicans, because they most likely cant.


Jaime Montes, 34, barman.

I like tequila, but not that much, I am a bigger fan of beer and whiskey. I think there’s no point in having a day for tequila, there’s more important things, but I guess marketing has gotten its way and it will be like that with the rest of the year, we will have our calendars marked with a special day every single day. I drink tequila straight up, mostly in shots with my friends when we really want to get drunk. I like gringos who drink tequila, especially because they tip better and drink more.


Amaranta Navarro, 47, stay at home mom.

I love tequila, and I think it's great we have a day for it! I like it many ways, with tomato juice, squirt and soda water like vampiro, with coke like a charro negro or just with water, but not alone. I’m a big fan of reposado but the younger tequilas are too harsh for my taste. I don’t really care for a special day; I can drink it any day! I believe that if foreigners want to drink tequila it's okay, but they usually just drink it to get stupid.


Felipe Cruz, 31, builder.

Tequila is my favorite drink but I think having a day for it is an American thing. I drink it with coke, it’s the best taste and while listening to some Banda, mariachi or norteño. I think the people who drink it are nice, whatever nationality they’re from, but I wish more people got to drink it so they know what’s good in this world.


Hector Paz, waiter.

I personally don’t drink tequila after a very bad experience which left me with a two-day hangover, but I used to like añejo, my father drank that too. The last time I drank tequila it was in every way possible; I think that was the problem! If I had stuck to just plain tequila, I would probably still drink the stuff. I like a foreigner who drinks it, but tequila sunrises and margaritas are such an American thing, maybe they should try it in a paloma or cantarito!


Luis Bedolla, 47, lawyer.

White tequila is my favorite, and frozen. Well, tequila doesn’t freeze but if it's kept in the freezer, it tastes so much better and it thickens a little, I think it’s the best way to have it. I didn’t know there was a specific day for it, but it’s a great excuse to drink! I wish more people drank it, I have met many Mexicans who hate it and many foreigners who don’t drink anything else.