Ask A Mexican

This week we asked: what do you think about the elections outcome? What difference do you expect from President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador?

Jesus Briseño, 18, student.

I can’t believe he won, we are a stupid country and deserve stupid presidents. What is the whole point in him winning? He has been trying for so long, it’s like he is a child who begs for the same toy for years until he gets it. I think his craving for power is greater than his love for the country and that is going to show in the long run. Meantime, his followers are accepting that gas prices are rising because of the economy, and when other presidents make the gas prices change, they say it’s because the president is stealing money. I expect nothing good, I think we are going to end up without food and resources and eventually starve.

Alma Rosas, 42, housewife.

He deserved the win after so many years trying, he was our best choice and I have all my faith set on him and his government. He has a great team and his wife is one educated lady, not like the semi pornstar we have right now. I think that Mexico is going to reach its full potential because AMLO is going to make more refineries and we are going to be richer than Dubai. He is the only president I have seen that has the courage it takes to lead a country like ours with people like us who really wanted something different. This year we did not have a fake election, this year the people were heard.


Daniela Barrios, 19, student.

I think there was something amazing about elections and that is the participation rate we had this year. It was the second most voted election since the seventies I think and that is because the people are starting to wake up and realize they have to do something for their country. I think AMLO is going to do great things for the country because he has been planning this for about 18 years, and the people in his team seem very educated and capable of doing the job they have been appointed to.


Nicanor Gonzalez, 42, builder.

I don’t really care much for politics, but I do have to say I was surprised with what happened at the elections. I never expected AMLO to win and I think his proposals are a little extreme and he wants the people to believe he will change the country, but we have to change it ourselves. If we are not good citizens, then nothing in our country will change because we are the ones who have to get the ball going. I expect things to be the same, honestly nothing has changed in the last few years except prices go up, and salaries stay the same. But the rules are pretty much the same and the events too, we get fed with fake news and there are some big fish buying our opinions. I only hope we don’t end up too bad, like Venezuela, people say that is how we are going to end up, but I honestly hope not.


Lucio Guzman, 48, welder.

I hate that guy, I really wish I stayed in the U.S instead of coming back to my country. He’s no better than the orange nugget, but at least in the united states I wasn’t as poor as I have to be here. I can’t build anything with my money, there is no way to save, or to make a better living. I just think that AMLO really wanted to sit on the presidential chair and make a big deal out of it, but I don’t think he is well prepared. He finished his degree way later than he should have, and I don’t know him personally, but I know people like him, and they are lazy and wait for the world to send what they need to their lap. I expect him to honestly do a good job, I mean he finally won after god knows how many elections, the lest he could do is try hard to be a good president and work what he got, not just sit on his ass and enjoy his triumph.


Daniel Lopez, 28, nurse.

I think that he won because it was planned beforehand, not because he deserved it. He is a man who has proven he is not qualified for the job, and yet, he had many followers. Not enough to have won fair and square, but he had many AMLOvers believing his lies. I expect him, now that he had his wish granted, to step up and really keep his promises and proposals. I don’t think the proposals are even possible, but he should at least try his hardest and not steal like everybody else. He has a lot of good people on his team, but a lot of bad people in the same party, so I guess we will see. I do think, however, that we as people have the power over him and should not forget that we have a right to demand him to do a good job.