Ask a Mexican

March 5, 2018 Edition

Semana Santa is the week of Easter and it’s a big deal in Mexico. It’s similar to Spring Break, in that many people get the week off; some even get two weeks off.

This week, our Gringo Gazette correspondent in Guadalajara talked to college students about Semana Santa.

This week we asked:  Do you get any time off? Is so, what will you do during your break? Do you ever think about visiting Cabo, or one of the other beach towns?


askamex.jpg1. José Rodriguez, 33, student

I do get two weeks off, Semana Santa and Easter, and I take the time to work some extra hours since I’m in my last semesters of school and my parents do not give me as much allowance money as they used to. When I was younger, though, we would avoid beaches because they get crowded so fast and everything goes up in prices. I have never thought of going to Cabo, because they say it’s as expensive as the United States.


2. Dario Hidalgo, 19, economy student

I only get a long weekend off, since my school is not counted in semesters; instead evaluations and grades are given every four months which usually makes the school year shorter and vacations shorter. Since I started college, I have not had any time off long enough to make a worthy trip to any beach except Sayulita which is close to Jalisco, where I’m studying. I have not gone there during Semana Santa because it’s usually more expensive, but I have enjoyed it in on other weekends.


3. Daniela Carbajal, 22, interior design student

I do get two whole weeks off and I have gone to the beach with both family and friends, but now I think I want to work a little bit so I can make extra money and do a little shopping or something. I have never considered Cabo, since I have not heard that you can do anything there except go clubbing and swimming. I like small towns, the “pueblos magicos” where the main focus is more cultural than partying.


4. Gabriela Ayala, 23, education student

I get two whole weeks and go to La Paz, where my family is from. I love going back home even if it’s for a short time. I don’t really feel like it’s a vacation, but I do appreciate waking up at home for two weeks in a row after all the stress from school. Being with my family is just perfect, but I also don’t feel quite at home since I’ve been away so much. I guess it’s just a weird feeling. I have been other places for Semana Santa but not beaches, since the best one is at home.


5. Adriana Gudiño, 19, graphic design student

I only get a long weekend off and honestly use it to sleep and eat. My school goes faster than others. I don’t really like the beach though, I am more of a cold weather person. And I especially don’t enjoy burning my face and getting sand everywhere.


6. Jaqueline Zavala, 23, administration student

I do get two whole weeks as a student, but I recently started doing this thing called “service” at my school so I also work a regular work week and we only get two days before the weekend, so it’s a four day weekend. I have been to Cabo, with my friends a year ago, and it was pretty cool. We went to many places in the Baja, road tripping with some other friends who are from Ensenada.