Art Transforms Communities


To add to the beauty and enjoyment for residents and visitors to Cabo San Lucas, a project is underway by Romeo & Julieta Restaurant to install a bronze sculpture in honor of the fishing community of Los Cabos that will add to the economic vitality as well as a visual attraction to the area.

The monumental sculpture will be located in front of the landmark restaurant. Well-known Mexican artist, Hector Herrera, has offered to create the bronze sculpture entitled Cardúmen, meaning shoal, which is described as any group of fish that congregates for social reasons.

The sculpture will incorporate water, making it all the more realistic. A wine tasting was held on Saturday, December 7 at The Wine Bar adjacent to the Romeo & Julieta Restaurant to inaugurate the announcement. Patrons sipped Italian wines offered by Sommelier Ricardo Uribe while perusing the collection of paintings and sculptures on display.

The community can help in this planned gift by assisting with the funding for this worthy cause. In order to finance the project, Herrera is offering for sale lithographs of several pieces of his original art currently displayed at Romeo & Julieta Restaurant, of which there are six variations with a limited edition of twenty each.

Born in Mexico City, now calling Ensenada home, Herrera works in several mediums, mixing between paint and inks to bronze. His head sculptures are profound and dramatic, and his portrait style has an amazing force and strength. With a degree in Visual Arts, having received numerous awards and art commissions, and now coordinating the Center of Residences and Artistic Exchange in Ensenada, Herrera is the ultimate choice for committing to this mammoth project. All proceeds from the sale of the lithographs will benefit the sculpture, a three-year project, at a cost of approximately $4 million pesos or about $200,000 USD.

Visitors and residents of the Los Cabos community can work together to bring the transformation of the power of the arts to the community. Contact for more information and donations.