Adopted Dogs Fly to the U.S.


Baja Dogs La Paz and their sister organization, Voluntarios Por Los Perros de La Paz AC, have been tirelessly rescuing dogs, caring for them and finding adoptive homes for them in the U.S. and Canada for years.

The Coronavirus has weirdly created a great demand for dog adoption in the U.S. that adoption agencies there have been unable to meet. This has been a boon for local puppies in La Paz looking for homes but reduced airline services have created a transportation problem.

Last month, volunteers from Baja Dogs drove 16 dogs to the border where they were met by volunteer pilots from Air Bridge and Pilots N Paws, in the U.S., who flew our furry friends to adoptive families in several cities.

At the conclusion of this airlift, volunteers collected all of the transportation cages which are sorely needed to transport other dogs, as they are airline approved, and dropped them off at ACV Logistics in Otay Mesa for shipment back to La Paz. ACV did all the formalities and shipping at no cost to Baja Dogs and delivered the crates two days later!

The generosity of all of these groups helps reduce the cost of operating the rescue program tremendously.


Picture of ACV unloading the 16 dog crates in La Paz. Notice the driver and helper are wearing face coverings as do all their employees at their warehouse.