The 2nd Annual Caboholic Cocktail Competition Sees Stiff Competition

February 17, 2020 Edition

The 2nd Annual Caboholics Cocktail Competition took place at The Plaza Nautica Courtyard between The Caboholic Store and Cabo Cantina on February 12.

This fundraising event benefits Feeding Los Cabos Kids, El Ranchito Dog Shelter, and the Los Cabos Volunteer Fire Department.

In appreciation to all the great bartenders in Cabo, the Caboholics Cocktail Competition offered bars and restaurants the opportunity to promote their establishment. It also allowed participating bartenders to meet new friends, customers, and have a great time while helping raise funds for charities.

There was no entry fee for bartenders representing a bar or restaurant, but the contenders were required to provide the ingredients for their cocktail, a blender if needed and a small cooler for their ice. They prepared their cocktail(s) for over 50 Judges. The team of volunteers from Caboholics provided tables for each establishment to present their cocktails, along with cups and additional ice.

Participating bartenders included Gerry and Martin from Cabo Cantiana, Lisa from Captain Sunset Bar in La Paz, Juan from Wicked Pizza, Adela from Sangria's, Margo from Sanchos and Stephanie from Hooligans. Many cocktails had unique specialty names to represent their establishment. Captains Sunset Bar prepared Margarita Captain Terry and Captain Sunset Mojito. Wicked Pizza who was in the shot competition offered shots of Salted Nut Roll which tastes like a candy bar and shots of Grape Ape. Grace Ape is a combination of vodka, raspberry liqueur, sprite, and sweet and sour mix.

Some of their cocktail ingredients were transported from their hometown of Minnesota where the Grape Ape is very popular.

There were seven categories restaurants and bars had the opportunity to choose from. All had the chance to win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each category. The judges tasted all selected categories and voted on their favorite offering in each of the seven categories. One hundred percent of the $21.00 USD judging fee was donated to the three charities.

The challenge started with Bloodies & Coffee Cocktails served to the Judges from 10:30 to noon, followed by Margaritas & Daiquiris, Mojitos & Martinis, last Shots were served to the Judges from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. A colorful all-day that tourists and locals visited, came and went as they pleased at no cover charge to view the competition and listen to live music.

At 6 p.m.The Fire Department of Cabo San Lucas departed from the Caboholic Cocktail Competition and provided anyone interested the opportunity to enjoy an unimaginable firetruck ride. During the ride through downtown Cabo San Lucas, sirens were blaring as passengers waved when they rode the streets. The commander of the Fire Department led the fun adventure. The $25.00 USD fee to partake in the firetruck ride was well worth the fun and all proceeds from ride benefited the Los Cabo Volunteer Fire Department.

A day full of excitement concluded in the "Winners Circle." The Cocktail Competition winners were announced at 7 p.m. with prizes in each category included ribbons and certificates. All bartenders were welcomed to the "After-Party" to mix and mingle as unfinished leftover cocktails flowed.

If you wish to learn more about the Caboholics their website is and they are on Facebook.