Buena Fortuna Botanical Ranch NOW AVAILABLE - $ 949,000 includes over 3000 species of plants!

Where it is…

La Ribera is a small fishing village located in the Tropic of Cancer, East Cape on the Sea of Cortez. The population is approx. 3500. Mostly Mexicans with a growing number of Americans, Canadians and a few Europeans. The main activities are fishing and tourism. The ocean has an abundance of sea life and is very safe for swimming. It is not uncommon to observe dolphins, manta rays and whales.

The International Airport of Los Cabos is located just 45 minutes away. The town has small stores, a new hospital and currently a Marina and golf course under construction.

What it is, is AMAZING!

Buena Fortuna Botanical Garden Type: Farm and Ranch Style:  Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 3 Lot Type: Rectangular Lot Size:  11 acres   "Plenty of room for expansion"

The land is composed of 3 parcels which has been cultivated into an established & diverse Botanical Garden that has now over 3000 plant species.

Owner, Gabriel Howearth, World renown botanist, seedsman, landscape design architect and teacher, and co-founder of one of the largest seed companies in the USA, "Seeds of Change" has been living in Baja full time for over 10 years.

HIGHLIGHTS of the land:

PRODUCTIVE & MATURE TROPICAL FRUITS TREES: Many interesting species , unusual and rare varieties of: mangos, bananas (over 23 varieties like Brazilian apple, uban red, java blue, ice cream banana and others), citrus (including citrus maxima, tangelos, mandarins, sweet lime and many others) papayas (Mexican and Hawaiian varieties), sapotes (chico, mamey, chocolate, yellow, white, etc.), tropical cherries (Pitangas and acerolas) , passion fruit (Red and Yellow) , tamarind (Vietnamese sweet Mekong dream and others), Macadamias & guavas (strawberry, lemon, Malayan ,etc) and other within a rare and endangered species of clumper bamboos, neem and legume trees.

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